About me

Hi, I am a Ph.D. Candidate at the College of Transportation Engineering, Tongji University. Currently, I am on my one-year visiting at McGill University. I received my Bachelor degree in Transportation Engineering from Chang’an University.

My current research centers on the area of data-driven urban transportation system modeling. I am interested in employing graph theory, statistics, and artificial intelligence into transportation system modeling.

E-mail: yuan_jian@tongji.edu.cn / jian.yuan@mail.mcgill.ca

My research team: https://magic.tongji.edu.cn/



[1] Ma W, Yuan J, An K*, et al. Route flow estimation based on the fusion of probe vehicle trajectory and automated vehicle identification data[J]. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 2022, 144: 103907.

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[1] Yuan J, Li L, Ma W. Robustness Analysis of Budget-Constrained Route Flow Observability Problem[M]//CICTP 2021. 2021: 2494-2503.

Academic Activities

[1] The 98th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board (TRB, January 13~17, 2019, Washington, USA)

Post presentation: Driver back-tracing based on automated vehicle identification data

[2] Kyoto Univ. & Tongji Univ. Joint Seminar on Urban and Transportation Management for Sustainable Society (December 10, 2019, Kyoto, Japan)

Main seminar organizer, Post presentation: Tracing Traffic Congestion in Urban Road Networks